My work is primarily about story telling. I think of myself not as an artist so much, but as a creator of characters and the worlds they live in. These little characters and their vignettes often capture the enchantment, wonder and fear one experiences in  childhood. The aesthetic of vintage toys, folk art and story book images both adorable and creepy inspire the unique look of my work.

I bring my characters to life either in 3-D form as sculptures with moving parts or in illustration. I use clay or paper mache in making my sculptures, usually dressing them in hand sewn costumes and suspending them in electrically lit shadowbox dioramas or on wood plaques. My illustrations are primarily watercolor and ink on wood.

Mostly self taught artistically, my formal education is much different then fine art. I have a B.A. in Communication from Barry University and an M.A. in Theology from John Knox Seminary. After sojourning  in these fields for a time, I returned full time to my childhood love:art. While I had always continued to create artistically during every stage of my life, I began sell my work professionally around 2007.

I have shown my work in galleries all over the United States, both in solo shows and in group shows. My puppets were featured in the movie “Plush” (director Catherine Hardwick, “Twilight”). I have sold my work at many Art and/or craft fairs. I also curated and organized Art shows and Craft shows in my home state of Florida.